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  • Dryerase whiteboard screen meeting room
  • Dryerase school whiteboard screen
  • DRYERASE 2in1 whiteboard and projection screen
  • DRYERASE, Whiteboard screen
  • DRYERASE, Whiteboard screen
  • Dryerase screen whiteboard partition wall
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  • Dryerase whiteboard screen school room


 is a matt front projection film without glare, made with a special polymer coating that give a very good dry-erase whiteboard result. This is the first 2in1 surface for both projecting with high quality picture, and write-and-erase directly with watermarkers. No residues or ghost effect, the surface is totally smooth.

  • front projection without any glare due to the low gain matt surface
  • write and erase feature for a full whiteboard day to day use
  • project pictures and write comments on it !
  • works with Short Throw and Ultra Short Throw projctors
  • works with all interactive projectors and solution: IR pointer, movement camera, touchfoils, smart boards…
  • sticks on any smooth surface: glass, ceramic, metal, paint, walls
  • perfect to retrofit or adapt existing installation
  • easy to install and cheaper to deploy than any other screen + whiteboard classical solution

Download DRYERASE Datasheet




Product Description

DRYERASE is a matt front projection film without glare, made with a special polymer coating that give a very good dry-erase whiteboard result.

DRYERASE is mainly targeted to the education and corporate market, with a need of a 2in1 solution for having on the same space a whiteboard and a front projection screen, instead of two separate elements (like the typical white- or blackboard with a roll-up screen). This need was reactivated with the increasing presence of interactive projectors and collaborative tools in schools, university, offices or meeting rooms.

Whiteboards are generally made of glossy materials (ceramics, metal, vinyls…)  for a better dry-erase result, but then can’t be projected due to reflection. Projection screens are usually matt to avoid glares, but can’t be written on. DRYERASE 2in1 does not produce glare during the projection, and can be written, wiped off, written, wiped off again and again. DRYERASE last years, and can  be used for new installations or retro-fitting any existing whiteboard or black board surface. DRYERASE is cheaper, easier to ship and to install.


Thanks to its high tack texturized permanent STIKI adhesive, DRYERASE can be mounted directly on any smooth surface: ceramic, metal, whiteboard, blackboard, laminate wall, smooth paint… It is a quick and affordable way to create a collaborative surface or to replace damaged or old whiteboards.

DRYERASE can be stuck on a variety of backup if the surface is smooth and plane, like glass, acrylic, plastic sheets as PET or polycarbonate, laminated wall panels. DRYERASE can be laminated also on aluminium sheets or any rigid material to create ready-to-hang 2in1 surfaces. DRYERASE exists in two rolls widths, 122cm and 152cm.



DRYERASE was initially created for the education market, as a side product for collaborative solutions. Due to its versatility, the film can be used for retrofitting an existing installation, transforming an old white-, black- or greenboard in a projection screen while maintaining the write and erase feature. Or it can be use for covering a full wall with several projectors or writing areas.

DRYERASE has a high diffusion level, and a low gain, and is totally suitable for short-throw and ultra short throw (UST) projectors: no glare nor light distortion. Also, DRYERASE works perfectly with interactive technology, either with IR, camera, or touch procap.


DRYERASE can be used for adding design to utility: create a whiteboard screen floating on a glass panel, or use DRYERASE to create a partition wall on which you can project and write.

DRYERASE is available in rolls of 122cm or 152cm width, and also cut to measure. Special discounts apply for volume projects. We can also ship single units to multiple points of delivery.


Additional Information

Dimensions 123 cm

122 cm / 48 in, 152 cm / 60 in






Corporate / Board room, Education, Museums, Simulation / control room


Full darkness, Indoor high artificial brightness, Indoor light artificial brightness, Indoor natural day brightness


Edge blending, Front projection, Multi-pieces screen suitable, Off axis mount suitable, On axis mount suitable, Permanent adhesive, Short throw suitable, Stacking, Touchfoil suitable, Write and erase


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