ADWINDOWSCREENS.COM and all ADWINDOW REAR PROJECTION FILMS and FRONT PROJECTION FILMS are part of the TONICVISION group. The company has been created in 2006 in Barcelona, Spain, and is privately held.

TONICVISION has activities in the audiovisual industry through several divisions, and after started activity as a reseller of AV products. In 2008, after two years of R&D, the first ADWINDOW rear projection film manufactured in Spain was launched. The KITAPON exclusive series followed the same year.

From then, ADWINDOW continues investing in R&D to create innovative and exclusive products. DIPPO, the first 2in1 printed sign and projection screen was created in 2010, and SEETHRU, first microperforated daylight readable rear projection film, was launched in 2014.

Mostly all products are manufactured in our facilities near Barcelona, Spain. ADWINDOW offers today the widest range and the best quality for rear and front projection films in the market. Beyond that, we can develop on-demand custom films for specific uses.


ADWINDOW REAR PROJECTION FILMS and FRONT PROJECTION FILMS  are based on optical qualities of several materials. If a projector is, above all, a light box, our films are designed to take the best out of this emitted light.

We use materials with light diffusion, transmission, reflection, to build up each version of our projection films. We have a commitment to quality, either in our manufacturing process than in our service to customers.