Digital signage on store or buildings windows can enhance the corporate image, develop company branding or create customer call to action. Projection on glass is one of the technologies that can switch windows into dynamic displays. Projection films on glass, due to their light structure, have a strong advantage to other LED or monitor technologies. ADWINDOW has created several specialty films for use on windows.

However one of the key objection for using windows as displays is the resulting loss of transparency. Existing transparent holographic films do not perform well in high ambient light. Opaque films give better results, but mask the vision. SEETHRU is a daylight readable projection film without blocking the view.

SEETHRU has a high contrast diffusion film base, and receives a special perforation process to maintain a see-through effect for rear side viewers.


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KITAPON is a complete range of adhesive rear-projection foils, that are stuck ONLY WITH WATER, and not with chemical or solvent adhesive. It can be stuck, then peeled off, then stuck again, and again… without limits.

KITAPON is cost effective and eliminate the risks of traditional vinyls (bubbles, specialist intervention for mounting, wrong positioning of the screen…). If you need to change the location, if the mounting surface was not clean enough, or if there are still some little imperfections… just unpeel it and do it again.

KITAPON is a secure investment: you can unstick it in seconds and use it in another place, the material is never wasted, even if you move the complete installation.

KITAPON is easy to use for non professional people: you just need a small “squeegee” and a spray of water, that’s it ! Light and easy to transport, it can be stored in a tube.

KITAPON is a very flexible display friendly solution: when total window display and product focus is necessary, simply peel off and store.


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DIPPO (for Dynamic Printed Poster) was created due to the need to offer big, visible windows at night with standard shine projectors, and obtaining valuable images at an affordable price, without having an opaque surface being useless during the day.

ADWINDOW has developed and patented an original and unique solution that, in the same material, joins together a printed image, perfectly visible during the day, and a visible image projected at night, making the printed image disappear when the projector is lit.

DIPPO opens up the dynamic communication to the world of printed visual communication, while at the same time offering dynamic and static content. DIPPO facilitates the flexible communication of a corporate brand during the day, and includes impressive, dynamic video communication at night.

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DRYERASE was developped upon the need for specific requirements for front projection surfaces. In the education and corporate audiovisual integration markets, few rear projection is used, front projection screens are more common. Initially ADWINDOW only produced rear projection films, we saw that education market was in need of a 2in1 solution for having on the same space a whiteboard and a front projection screen, instead of a solution with two separate elements (like the typical white- or blackboard with a screen roll up). This need was reactivated with the increasing presence of interactive projectors or collaborative tools in schools, university, offices or meeting rooms.

Whiteboards are generally made of glossy materials (ceramics, metal, vinyls…), because they are very plane to give a better dry-erase result. Projection screens are usually matt to avoid glares and reflections in the projection area. DRYERASE is a matt material without glare for projection, made with a special polymer coating that give a very good dry-erase whiteboard result.

DRYERASE is basically a coating that can be applied on most of ADWINDOW rear and front projection films. By default, we produce a matt white front projection film with this coating. DRYERASE does not produce glare during the projection, and can be written, wiped off, written, wiped off again and again. DRYERASE last years, and be used for retro-fitting any existing whiteboard or black board surface.

DRYERASE was developped and is manufactured by ADWINDOW.

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